11 Quick Tips for Glowing, Youthful Skin

11 Quick Tips for a Glowing, Youthful Skin

It’s no secret. The skin is the biggest organ in your body. Yet, it’s probably the one we take the most for granted. And it’s the first thing we’ll complain about when it looks a bit tired, baggy or saggy.

11 Quick tips to keep your skin looking young and glowing

Before we start though, the new buzzword on the block is ‘clean skincare’.

No more weird and harmful additives. No strange tested-on-animals stuff. Just so glad people are waking up to kind – and ‘clean’ – skincare.

If you’re not sure about the products you’re currently using – visit the Good Face Project and search them. You might well be amazed!

Here are 11 great ways to keep your skin – and you – looking as young as you possibly can.

Younger looking skin

1. Sunscreen every day

Yes, Mum was right. The sun is your skin’s worst foe. A kind sunscreen is your skin’s most caring friend. 

As an article by Harvard Medical School explains, too much sun exposure literally dries out and shrivels your skin, depleting its natural oils. The UV rays of the sun fry your skin and cause structural changes that you can’t repair.

 should become as much a habit as breathing.

Look for clean sunscreens with at least SPF30 that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Apply over your moisturiser and before your makeup as it provides a barrier. This gentle Wild Rose Sunscreen from Neal’s Yard is a winner.

2. Exfoliate

Just as flaky, tired walls instantly revive with a fresh coat of paint, nothing freshens your skin quite like a good exfoliation. 

It removes dead skin and allows the new skin cells to breathe and absorb moisture again. Your skin will feel glowing and youthful within minutes.

There are plenty of gentle clean products on the market. Ideally, you should exfoliate once a week. You can always do a DIY home job with good old brown sugar and glycerine, especially good on your arms and legs.

For your face, preferably opt for raw, pure honey and brown sugar in equal quantities. It smells heavenly and feels great (and there’s no hardship getting it in your mouth!). Real honey (organic) is a skincare marvel. It’s healing and moisturising with natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. 

Your skin will thank you. 

3. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

How would you feel after a day without water? Don’t forget to let your skin drink either. Give it plenty of good, clean creams. 

Apply straight after your bath or shower when your skin is still wet to seal in the moisture. Choose ones rich in shea butter or coconut oils that drench and pamper your skin type (we’ll take a deeper dive into this soon).

4. Be gentle

Older skin is more delicate, less elastic. Ain’t no way around that. So treat it gently! Don’t wash or bath in scalding hot water. It severely damages and dries out your skin. The brave or the nuts advocate ice-cold water to strengthen and rejuvenate, but I think that’s too much shock to the system. Ideally, just a bit to the right of lukewarm should be good.

And don’t pick and pull and tug. Apply creams, lotions and potions softly. With fairy fingers. Massage in with small, circular movements. Or even better, pat or press them in gently. 

5. Keep it clean

Apart from using ‘clean’ cosmetics and skin care products free from harmful ingredients, keep your skin and accessories clean and bacteria-free.

If you’re really tired at night, use gentle wipes to remove makeup.

Keep brushes, sponges and hands clean easily with gentle soap and warm water.

6. It’s also an inside job

What goes inside shows up on the outside. Give your skin the best chance by eating a colourful diet, rich in fruit and vegetables.

And make sure you drink plenty of water. 

Most health and beauty experts advocate the Mediterranean diet – and with good reason.

7. Lubricate from within

The good fats help your body to make strong fascia – all your tissues from mucous membranes to cartilage.

Foods like nuts, avocados, olives, flaxseed all help keep your wheels turning smoothly.

Also include salmon, chia seeds, whole eggs and dollop olive oil over your salads.

Oil treatment for your best hair masks

8. Gelatine

Not suitable  for vegans (there is agar agar – a seaweed substitute), but add a little gelatine to your diet every other month.

You can use the dried powder variety to sprinkle over food – it’s totally tasteless.

Or use pure natural bone broth. Good old-fashioned chicken soup (as long as it contains the bones and cartilage) are also excellent sources.

Gelatine will strengthen your joints and tissues, especially your skin, nails and hair.

I heard a rumor that it cured arthritis – it certainly did mine.  To be honest, it was very mild – just in my pinky finger from curling around a computer mouse all day long. 

9. Take Vitamin C

This is a no-brainer. vitamin C just heals. Everywhere. Everything.

We often don’t get enough in our daily diets. Take a good vitamin C supplement. Always.

Adding zinc helps to absorb vitamin C but do read the labels – you can take too much zinc. 

10. Sleep on it

It’s not called ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing.

A good 7 – 8 hours’ sleep a night will provide massive benefits.

Poor or inadequate sleep has been proven to speed up skin aging and create fine lines and wrinkles.

Get enough sleep. It’s just really, really, really good for you.

11. Keep moving

Exercise gets the blood flowing and the lymph draining.

You need to move for your skin to stretch and breathe.

Your skin is a living organ, dependent on getting vital oxygen and nutrients.

Even two brisk walks of 15 minutes a day will keep your skin glowing.

Glowing youthful skin

What did you think about these 11 quick tips? How do you take care of your skin?

Please share any of your tips and tricks in the comments below. This is one of those times that sharing really is caring!